Rambler® Electric Travel Guitar goes Sailing!

Strobel Travel Guitar customers share their Ramblin’ stories…

Captain Rusty Larsen has led an interesting and adventurous life.  He discovered our Strobel Travel Guitars from a fellow sailor that had a Rambler® at the marina in San Diego.  As they say, word of mouth is the best advertising!  Rusty has been around ships and sailing for most of his life, starting as a mate on Swedish merchant ships and oil tankers running out of California. Somewhere along the way, he picked up and learned to play a Gibson B-25 acoustic. He wound up in Ketchikan, Alaska, becoming a Captain with Alaska State Ferries for many years.

Rusty sailing with his Rambler Travel Guitar

On the bow with his Rambler              Jammin’ on Deck                          The Crew gets to play!

How to carry a guitar onto a ship?

Rusty was carrying his full size Strat from ship to ship, but it was always a challenge to carry aboard.  The transfers were especially difficult, climbing up and down the ladders with his gear and guitar.  He enjoyed having a guitar with him to jam in the coastal towns and on-board jam sessions, but needed something that played and sounded like a real guitar and would be easier to carry around.  Then he discovered our Rambler® guitars from another sailor tied up along side him in San Diego!

The best travel guitar for sailing

Now around age 70 and retired, Rusty built a sailboat and commenced his Ramblin’ saga from Alaska, British Columbia, California, Mexico, Marquesas, Cook Islands to New Zealand.  His Rambler® travel guitar is his trusty musical companion. He finds the musical talent out on the water is amazing; and being able to jam and play with music lovers all over the world is a big part of why he loves his vagabond life.

Rusty says the “Rambler® is one hell of a good boat guitar!  The Rambler® has such wonderful sustain and tone, it sounds great!!”  No more having to schlep around a full-size guitar, the Rambler® fits anywhere, only weighs about 5 pounds, and does everything you need from an electric guitar! Check out Rusty’s videos…

Sliding with a Rambler !                 Ramblin’ on the boat!

Rambler® Travel Guitar Adventures

Stay tuned for more Ramblin’ stories.  We’d like to hear yours!  Please email us your Ramblin’ pics, comments and videos to [email protected]!!  And visit our Facebook page for more stories and info from Strobel Guitars.  If you haven’t visited our YouTube channel lately, please see our latest videos about how to take care, set up and intonate your guitars. You can find pics of our latest Custom Rambler® guitars and basses in our picture gallery.