Electric Travel Guitar Reviews 2020

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If you are reading this page, you are probably interested in learning more about travel guitars, please read on!  Our travel guitar reviews are focused on electric travel guitars.  Most likely, the reason you are searching for a travel guitar is to find something that is as small and convenient as possible.  The best travel […]

Rambler® Travel Guitar on the High Seas

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Rambler® Electric Travel Guitar goes Sailing! Strobel Travel Guitar customers share their Ramblin’ stories… Captain Rusty Larsen has led an interesting and adventurous life.  He discovered our Strobel Travel Guitars from a fellow sailor that had a Rambler® at the marina in San Diego.  As they say, word of mouth is the best advertising!  Rusty […]

Best Travel Guitar Gift for Musicians

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Give the gift of a Strobel Rambler® Travel Guitar Looking for that special gift for a special musician?  Check out the Strobel Rambler® Classic Professional  Electric Travel Guitar (www.strobelguitars.com/shop/rambler-classic/)  with Free Shipping for the holidays. This great playing, great sounding guitar has a fully detachable neck so it fits in a computer bag or briefcase […]

Checking out the Rambler® STROBELCASTER™ Travel Guitar

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Early days of Strobel Rambler® Travel Guitars Tommy Castro was our first endorser for Strobel Guitars in 2009.  We started out to make the best “travel” guitars, with “travel” in quotes.  The goal was to create a great playing, good sounding guitar that would be easy for traveling. Tommy received an early  Custom Rambler® Professional […]

The Strobel Rambler® Hollowbody Travel Guitar

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A Thinline Acoustic Electric Portable Guitar Strobel Guitars Custom Shop has created a new model in our Rambler® Professional Electric Travel Guitar portfolio. We are often asked by our jazz playing customers if we could create a hollow version of our Rambler® Custom travel guitar. I started thinking about this seriously after meeting with Tony DiCaprio […]

Jimmy Thackery and his Strobel Rambler® Electric Travel Guitar

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Finding your way into music… How did you find your way into music, and playing the guitar? Ever wonder how professional musicians find their way into a musical career?  Here is Jimmy Thackery’s story – about how music found him, and how he found his way to playing the blues. Special thanks to Blues Radio […]

Making a Strobel Rambler® Travel Guitar – Part 3

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Making Necks for a Portable Guitar… In our first two visits to the Strobel Guitars Custom Shop we saw how a Custom Rambler® Professional Electric Travel Guitar body goes from a block of wood to a shaped guitar. In Part One, we selected the wood; attached the Maple tops and glued them together with Ash, […]

Check out our left handed Strobel Rambler® Travel Bass…

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Ordering a Custom Travel Bass We are seeing an uptick in orders for Custom Strobel Rambler® Travel Basses, and recently built a left- handed version for Simon from Tasmania, please check out our Bass Gallery for more pics. Simon went all out when designing the Bass Guitar of his dreams – ordering all Gold hardware […]

Taking Care of Strobel Travel Guitar Customers

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Making mods on an early Rambler Guitar… Here is a story about Scott W. and his Rambler Travel Guitar. I met Scott in 2011 at the Atlanta airport while we were waiting for a flight home to Florida. Scott was carrying a normal sized guitar case and I had my nice little Rambler Professional Electric Travel […]

See the newest Strobel Rambler® Travel Basses

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About a year ago we told you about Tanya’s Deep Purple Bass. Today we have a couple new Rambler® Custom Bass guitars to show you, Deep Blue for Jim, and a Natural Honey Bass built for an upcoming review (stay tuned).    Building Jim’s Custom Rambler® Travel Bass We built this Rambler® Bass for Jim […]