Rambler® STROBELCASTER Custom Made Electric Guitars


The Rambler® STROBELCASTER™ is the latest addition to our series of Rambler® Custom Made Electric Guitars.  Modeled after a Fender Stratocaster®, it comes with three ZEXCOIL®  single-coil pickups, Schaller® tunomatic bridge and locking tuning keys.  Five-way selector switch and traditional strat style jack. On top of being the best professional electric guitar for traveling, it’s also completely customizable — choose your tone woods, color, pick guard, neck profile, fretboard, and custom inlay.  Options include AAA quilted maple top and gold hardware. Easily disassembles to fit in your computer bag or briefcase!


  • *Body Wood

    *Body Color

    Custom Body Color

    Please mail us a sample


    *Neck Wood

    *Neck Shape

    *Neck Thickness

    Standard - 1st Fret 15/16" - 12th Fret 1"
    Thinner - 1st Fret 7/8" - 12th Fret 15/16"

    *Fret Board

    *Inlay Initials

    • 20 $
    • 80 $(Outside Continental US)
    • 250 $
    • 300 $
    • 100 $
This action will let you pay a deposit of $800.00 for this product

We select the finest tone woods for your Custom Rambler® STROBELCASTER™ professional electrical guitar, usually Honduran mahogany or swamp ash for the bodies. We add a flamey maple top to brighten the sound and to enhance the visual appeal of the portable guitar. Necks are made from mahogany or maple, with an Indian or Honduran rosewood fret board. Dark ebony fret boards are also available. After gluing the bodies, templates define the top and bottom body contours. Holes are drilled, cavities routed and necks and bodies are matched to ensure a perfect fit. The necks are shaped to your specifications, matching any neck contour you desire. The Rambler® Custom travel electric guitar comes with your initials inlaid in the fret board. Custom inlay is also available.

Other options include a piezo bridge with stereo output, on board pre-amp (for headphones), knurled or ebony tuning keys, gold hardware, or a coil tapped humbucker for a fatter sound. After many hours of sanding and preparation, your custom built travel guitar goes to the spray booth where we apply over a dozen coats of nitrocellulose lacquer, with your choice of color so you can get the custom ebony electric guitar or rosewood electric guitar you’re looking for. Guitars are then assembled, wired and set up to your specifications. Don’t wait to start designing your own custom Rambler® portable guitar. Choose from our selection of tone woods and custom colors, and enjoy the freedom of being able to play a professional high end custom guitar without the hassle of transporting a full-size axe. Rambler® STROBELCASTER™ Custom Professional Electric Travel Guitars start at $1799 with 50% deposit due upon receipt of order.

  • Choice of custom colors and tonewoods
  • Fits in computer bag for travel
  • Easily disassembled without tools
  • Removable interchangeable neck
  • Full 24 1/2”  scale length
  • 21 medium jumbo frets
  • Overall assembled length 30”
    • Neck length 17 ½”, Body length 15”
  • Weighs less than 5 pounds!
  • Double action truss rod
  • Adjustable 1- 5/8” Nut
  • Removable StringKeeper™ for fast assembly
  • StringCatcher™ to protect finish
  • Patented innovative design
  • 10+ Flamey Maple top
  • Expert, proprietary luthier fabrication


  • Custom features
    • Personalized neck shaping
    • Personalized inlay
    • Ash or Mahogany body
    • Maple or Mahogany neck
    • Ebony or Rosewood fretboard
    • Nitrocellulose vintage lacquer finish
    • ZEXCOIL® super quiet high output pickups
    • Schaller® Hardware
      • GTM tunomatic bridge
      • M6 Locking machine heads
    • Optional
      • coil tap, piezo bridge, gold hardware
      • AAA quilted maple top, other options available