Rambler® Classic Travel Guitar

Our best production electric travel guitar is the affordable Strobel Rambler® Classic. A full-scale, 21 fret foldable travel guitar with our patented “Easily Detachable Neck”. Most guitar players worry about travelling with a guitar – we understand. Take your Rambler® Classic foldable guitar anywhere – on land, sea or air – you can travel knowing that your Rambler® will play and sound as good or better than your favorite electric guitar.

Don’t be frustrated any longer because you haven’t found a great travel guitar – until now! We have sold hundreds of Rambler® Classic travel guitars – you can buy direct from us with complete confidence. Start enjoying the unsurpassed quality, playability, resonance and sustain only available from a Strobel Rambler® travel guitar. Only $649 for a stage quality, “gigable” electric portable guitar!! Experience the “Power of Portability”!

The Rambler® Classic portable guitar is packed with high end features. Our full-scale foldable travel guitar features our patented “Easily Detachable Neck”, two high output humbuckers, separate tone and volume controls, TUSQ nut and string guides, fully adjustable tunomatic bridge, easy to tune locking machine heads, and a dual action truss rod. Solid maple body with a flamey maple top, 21 fret maple neck with ebony fingerboard, your choice of Tobacco or Cherry Sunburst finish. Easily disassembles with four thumbwheels so the body and neck fit in your backpack or computer bag.

Your order includes a custom made, nicely padded and  embroidered Strobel Guitars gig bag!  Big Sound, Small Guitar!

Want to jam when you get there?  Practice in the hotel? Jump on stage?  Take a Rambler®!


  • Body Color

    • 30 $(Rotate Bridge and Nut, Relocate Strap Buttons)
    • 20 $
    • 80 $
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Rambler® Classic Travel Guitar – A Leader in Headless Guitars

Want to see how far headless guitars have come? Look no further than the new and improved Strobel Rambler® Classic Electric Travel Guitar, which now features a TUSQ® Nut and String Tees from Graphtech®. The latest headless electric guitar design features an Ebony fretboard, recessed custom thumb wheels and a chrome finish on our patented StringKeeper™ and StringCatcher™. And the Strobel Rambler® Classic is only $649 for a stage quality, “gigable” electric portable guitar! Experience the “Power of Portability”!

The Rambler® Classic shares the same great design as our other fan-favorite portable electric guitar, the Rambler® Custom. Your choice of Tobacco or Cherry Sunburst. Two high output humbucking pick ups, volume and tone controls, tunomatic bridge and locking tuners come standard. Solid maple body, flamey maple top, and maple neck with ebony fretboard. And as a foldable electric guitar, it easily disassembles to fit in your backpack, computer bag or briefcase!

Your order includes a custom made, nicely padded and embroidered Strobel Guitars gig bag! Big Sound, Small Guitar!

Want to jam when you get there?  Practice in the hotel? Jump on stage?  Take a Rambler®!

Rambler® Classic Travel Guitar

There are several light electric guitars on the market, but only one travel electric guitar that plays and sounds good enough to take on stage. The full-scale length (24.75″) Strobel Rambler® portable guitar easily disassembles to separate the neck and body so the components fit in your backpack, briefcase or computer bag. No more travel hassles! Strobel guitars are fine musical instruments perfected for the traveling musician. We offer a top quality, great sounding instrument that makes it easy to travel with your guitar.

The new and improved (only $649 plus shipping) Rambler® Classic travel guitar now comes with a TUSQ Nut and String Tees from Graphtech®. The upgraded design now features an Ebony fretboard, recessed thumbwheels and a chrome finish on the StringKeeper™ and StringCatcher™. Our new Rambler® Classic portable guitar still shares the same great design.

We also added a 21st fret to the Rambler® Classic Professional Electric Portable Guitar and scooped out a leg carve to help balance the Rambler® when playing while sitting.

Portable Guitar Features

The Rambler® Classic portable guitar features standard dual humbucking pickups and separate tone and volume controls. The guitar comes with a fully adjustable tuneomatic bridge, locking tuners, and custom thumbwheels. Our Rambler® Classic Professional Electric Travel Guitars are available for immediate delivery in choice of Tobacco or Cherry Sunburst.

The absence of a headstock increases sustain and resonance beyond that available with standard guitars. We combine the highest quality materials and design expertise to deliver exceptional sonic characteristics and excellent playability. A unique feature of the patented Rambler® Travel Guitar is the adjustable nut, allowing quick set up to accommodate playing slide guitar.

At Strobel Guitars, we are passionate about providing an instrument that is both convenient and great-sounding no matter where you are playing — and that commitment comes through with both our right- and left-handed headless guitar options. We are always striving to maintain the highest levels of quality and complete customer satisfaction for every guitar we create. Find out for yourself!

Order your Rambler® professional electric travel guitar today for only $649 including our specially designed “Strobel Guitars” gig bag.

Travel Guitar Specifications

  • Gigable stage quality instrument
  • Fits in computer bag for travel
  • Easily disassembled without tools
  • Removable interchangeable neck
  • Full 24 1/2” Gibson scale length
  • 12” fretboard radius
  • 21 medium jumbo frets
  • Overall assembled length 30”
    • Neck length 17 ½”, Body length 15”
  • Weight between 4 to 5 lbs.
  • Double action truss rod
  • Adjustable 1- 5/8” Nut
  • Removable StringKeeper™ for fast assembly
  • StringCatcher™ to protect finish
  • Patented innovative design
  • Dual humbucking pick ups
  • Volume and tone controls
  • Locking tuners
  • Tunomatic bridge
  • Solid Maple body w/Flamey Maple top
  • Tobacco or Cherry Sunburst finish (Cherry may ship w/black pick up rings)
  • Maple neck with Ebony fretboard
  • Expert, proprietary luthier fabrication

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