Travel Guitar Tips – helpful hints for Rambler® Travel Guitar

Taking apart a Rambler® Travel Guitar – – 

A Strobel Rambler® travel guitar comes apart to stow in a briefcase or computer bag in minutes. The patented StringKeeper™ is hinged to the top of the neck and comes off by loosening the top thumbwheel. The StringKeeper™ keeps the strings in order when the guitar is taken apart. Simply loosen the top thumbwheel, remove the StringKeeper™ and wrap the strings around the body using the StringCatcher™ groove. Then just tuck the StringKeeper™ between the middle tuners. Now you can remove the body thumbwheels so the neck and body can be separated and stowed for travel.

Loosen the thumbwheel

Loosen the thumbwheel

Remove the thumbwheel

Remove the thumbwheel

Take off the StringKeeper™

Take off the StringKeeper™








Rambler® travel guitar ready to go in a computer bag

Rambler® Travel Guitar stowed in a computer bag

Rambler® travel guitar stowable in a briefcase

Rambler® Portable Guitar ready to travel stowable in a briefcase


Travel tips for your Rambler® Electric Travel Guitar

You can travel with your Rambler® packed in the included padded gig bag; about the same as putting a tennis racquet in the overhead. To minimize carry on luggage, take apart your Rambler® Professional Electric Portable Guitar and place it in your computer bag or briefcase.  You may want to wrap the body in a pillow case to protect the finish, and put the neck in a sock to minimize nicks and dings.


Changing strings on your Rambler® Portable Guitar

With the locking tuners on a Rambler® Portable Guitar, you don’t need much string wrap.  When changing strings, you loosen the little wheel on the back of the tuner.  The internal piston comes down to release the string.  Pull the string out of the tuner and back through the StringKeeper (you can clip off the bent end of the string to make it easier) Run a new string through the StringKeeper to the tuner.  I always align all the tuner holes so they are horizontal (perpendicular to the neck).

Run the string through the hole in the tuner, going from the inside to the outside.  The bass strings feed out towards the top of the guitar and the treble strings feed out towards the bottom of the guitar (towards the controls).

You only need enough slack to put your hand easily under the string.  Tighten the little wheel, and snip off the excess string as close to the tuner peg as you can.  Then tune up. 

With just a little bit of string wrap, the strings should stay more organized when you disassemble your Rambler®.  Sometimes when the guitars come from the factory, they use too much string.  With your new strings at the right length you should not have any problems assembling the guitar and should only have to turn the tuners a couple turns to get in pitch.  We normally ship with .010” to .046” gauge strings, but you can safely go up or down a gauge.  Going beyond .011” or below .009” sets will require an adjustment to the truss rod