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Strobel Travel Electric Guitar
Strobel Travel Guitar
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Looking for professional guitars for sale? The Strobel Rambler™ Electric Travel Guitar is a great-sounding, great-playing instrument that breaks down to fit in a computer bag or a briefcase. Simply loosen the top thumbwheel, remove the String Keeper, wrap the strings and detach the neck. Stow the body and neck and you’re ready to go! Reverse the process for assembly. This is one of the best portable guitars for sale and will meet your needs nicely.

Want to jam when you get there? Practice in the hotel? Jump on stage? Take a Rambler™!!!

Located in Boca Raton, Florida, the Strobel Guitar Company began custom travel guitar manufacturing in 2003. Customers have their choice of exotic tone woods and finish colors, as well as neck shape and choice of fret board. The Rambler™ Custom  Travel Guitar comes with dual humbucking Schaller Golden 50 pickups, Schaller locking tuners, Schaller Tune-O-Matic bridge, and tone and volume controls. Customer initials are included as inlay. Several options are available for your professional electric travel guitar such as coil tapping, an on board preamp, piezo electric bridge, etc.  Custom orders start  at $1499, please visit the Rambler™ Custom page for more details.

The new affordable Rambler™ Classic professional electric travel guitar (only $599 plus shipping) shares the same great design as the Custom and comes with standard dual humbucking pickups, locking tuners, Tune-O-Matic bridge, and tone and volume controls. Available in Tobacco Sunburst and Cherry Sunburst.  Please visit the Classic page to have your professional electric travel guitar shipped today.

Invented and patented by Russ Strobel, the Rambler™ travel electric guitar enables the traveling musician to bring their guitar as carry on luggage. Russ, a degreed electrical engineer and a guitar player, has been working in the field of portable electronics for over twenty five years. His career often demanded extensive travel. “Throughout my travels around the world I missed having my guitar, so I invented a professional executive travel guitar that can be taken apart and transported in a briefcase.”

Our travel guitars online are endorsed by Elliott Randall, Jimmy Thackery , Smokin' Joe Kubek and Bnois King, Tommy Castro, Roy Rogers, Josh Smith, Tony DiCaprio, Tim O'Donnel,  Albert Castiglia and many other professional musicians.   Please visit our Gallery Page to see pictures and videos of them playing their Rambler™  Professional Electric Travel Guitars.

Strobel travel guitars online and basses are fabricated from the finest tone woods using expert luthier techniques. The Rambler™ Custom comes with 10+ flamey or quilted maple tops, and your choice of a swamp ash or Honduran mahogany body. The NEW affordable Rambler™ Classic shares the great design attributes of the Rambler™ Custom. The guitars have a full 24 1/2 scale length with 20 to 21 frets.

There are several portable guitars for sale, but only one travel guitar that plays and sounds good enough to take on stage. The Strobel Rambler™ conveniently breaks down to separate the neck and body so the components fit in a briefcase or computer bag. No more travel hassles! Strobel guitars are fine musical instruments perfected for the traveling musician. We offer a top quality, great sounding instrument that makes it easy to travel with your guitar.

The StringKeeper™ keeps the strings in order when the Rambler™ portable guitar is taken apart. Simply loosen the top thumbwheel, remove the StringKeeper™, wrap the strings around the body through the StringCatcher™ and tuck the StringKeeper™ between the middle string tuners.

The absence of a headstock increases sustain and resonance beyond that available with standard guitars. We combine the highest quality materials and design expertise to deliver exceptional sonic characteristics and excellent playability.

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