Checking out the Rambler® STROBELCASTER™ Travel Guitar

By lisa on Wednesday, May 17th, 2017 in Travel Guitars. No Comments

Early days of Strobel Rambler® Travel Guitars Tommy Castro was our first endorser for Strobel Guitars in 2009.  We started out to make the best “travel” guitars, with “travel” in quotes.  The goal was to create a great playing, good sounding guitar that would be easy for traveling. Tommy received an early  Custom Rambler® Professional […]

The Strobel Rambler® Hollowbody Travel Guitar

By lisa on Saturday, October 29th, 2016 in Travel Guitars. No Comments

A Thinline Acoustic Electric Portable Guitar Strobel Guitars Custom Shop has created a new model in our Rambler® Professional Electric Travel Guitar portfolio. We are often asked by our jazz playing customers if we could create a hollow version of our Rambler® Custom travel guitar. I started thinking about this seriously after meeting with Tony DiCaprio […]