Give the gift of a Strobel Rambler® Travel Guitar

Looking for that special gift for a special musician?  Check out the Strobel Rambler® Classic Professional  Electric Travel Guitar (  with Free Shipping for the holidays. This great playing, great sounding guitar has a fully detachable neck so it fits in a computer bag or briefcase for traveling!  The Rambler® is the best travel guitar for bringing on a flight, no more hassles when taking your guitar on the plane.  Even when assembled and stowed in the Strobel Guitars padded gig bag (included with your order), the Rambler® fits easily in the overhead compartment.  The Strobel Rambler ®is a great gift for the traveling musician and is widely acclaimed as the best travel guitar on the market.



A portable guitar with full scale detachable neck.

The Rambler® travel guitar measures about 30” when assembled, with a full 24.75” scale neck. Weighing less than 5 pounds, the Rambler® is easy on the shoulder and easy to fit in your luggage.  The strings are held on top of the neck with our patented StringKeeper™.  Simply remove one thumbwheel at the top of the neck, and the strings come off.  Tuck the StringKeeper™ between the middle tuners to stow the strings.  Now simply remove the four back thumbwheels to detach the neck – no tools required!!  The body and neck are now separated and easily stowed in a backpack or computer bag.   The Rambler® is a small guitar with a big sound.! Learn more at  and check out our video  How to Take Apart a Rambler to see how easy the Rambler comes apart for traveling.

Players need the best travel guitar for sale today.

Guitar players appreciate a lightweight, high quality portable guitar to use in the studio for recording or to take along in the van or on the plane when traveling.  Check out this video of Tommy Castro playing his Rambler on the road. The Strobel Rambler® Professional Electric Travel Guitar is the perfect choice for the studio, for jamming, or playing on stage – whether you are an amateur or professional musician.

Maybe your guitar player is a boater, or motorcycle enthusiast.  Or he or she travels often for work.  Could be an oil rigger, or out in the field away from home and missing their guitar.  He or she may be a pilot or in the military.  He or she may be a professional guitar playing athlete always on the road. No matter their vocation, if they play the guitar, they need a Rambler® professional travel guitar.

Features of the Rambler Professional Electric Travel Guitar

The Rambler® Classic is equipped with two high output humbucker pickups with master volume and tone controls.  The intonation is set with a fully adjustable tun-o-matic bridge, and the strings are locked in place with special locking tuners.  There is a pickup selector switch to change from the neck to the bridge pick up, or to play with both pickups. The neck has a fully adjustable double action truss rod.  The Rambler® truly is one of the best travel guitars for sale today.

Choose between Tobacco or Cherry Sunburst, either one comes with a nice flamey maple top.  The body is solid Canadian maple, as is the neck.  All orders include a custom-made, fully padded and embroidered gig bag.

The Rambler® Classic Travel Guitar is on sale for only $599 at the Strobel Guitars website, .  Now with free domestic shipping for the holidays, use coupon code “Keep Rockin”.   Order now while supplies last.

Want to jam when you get there?  Practice in the hotel? Or jump on stage?  Take a Rambler®!