Ecstatic with new Rambler Portable Guitar – Tim Gleason

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I am ecstatic with my new Rambler Portable Guitar!!  I am amazed with the sound quality, on a par with my 58 Reissue Gibson Les Paul!  Strobel Guitars has smacked it out of the park! Your product is excellent, looking forward to trying a Rambler Custom Electric Travel Guitar in the future…

Strobel Rambler is a Superb Travel Guitar – Xavier Medina

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My new Rambler Travel Guitar is just superb!  The quality of the finish and attention to detail – wahoo!  And I plug it in, and Here Comes the Sun!!   The Rambler is so comfortable, light, easy on your back and good sounding.  My other guitars are going to grow dust…

Rambler Travel Guitar is wonderfully designed – Anthony Perra

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I love the feel of my new Rambler Classic Travel Guitar!! I don’t want to play anything else.  The controls are simple and the tonal variation I get are amazing with plenty of sustain.  It was a saving grace for me in Afghanistan.  All the way around the guitar is wonderfully designed and is a […]