Working on STROBELCASTER™ travel guitars 

(wk9).  Glued in body washers on B2.  Slotted nut with .056” string clearance. Had to replace bridge as low E saddle was stuck.  Changed knobs on W1 with Kent Armstrong pickups.  Replaced guard on W3, old guard had low output – turned out middle pick up wires were reversed causing low output in position 2.  W1 sounds and plays like a great travel guitar with replaced pickguard.  Tone pots may have been 500K vs. 250K.


Starting new Custom Rambler® Travel Guitar and Travel Bass 

(wk 10).  New orders came in, a left handed Custom Rambler® Travel Guitar and a Blue Custom Rambler® Travel Bass.  Cut wood for Lefty Wayne portable guitar and Bjorn portable bass guitar.  Bass is Popular, planed to 1.6” thick.  Matching with a flamey maple top thinned down to 0.3” Lefty Wayne is a solid piece of Honduran Mahogany.  These woods make some of the best travel guitars.


What about a low cost Rambler® Travel Guitar? 

(wk 11). Only use one pick up to save cost on the travel guitar. New design with straight sides. New layout for tuner flange. First curve normal, second curve pass through center points of inner tuners.  Third curve tangent to Rambler travel guitar inner curve cut out.  Place tuners on second curve. Inner tuners .4” from center line, remaining tuners 1 linear inch from each other.  Make short neck to test tuner layout.  Needed to make some custom string tee blocks.   Tuned to DADF#AD – down 2 steps.  Watch out for control cavity interfering with bridge post.


Getting back to STROBELCASTER™ travel guitars 

(wk 12).  Get two custom STROBELCASTER™ portable guitars RTS, and two standard SC travel guitars RTS. Working on Honeyburst (Ash Body) with gold Schaller hardware.  Schaller hardware makes the best custom travel guitars.   Lil Red (Popular body with an Ash top) chrome hardware.  Covered cavity with copper tape.  Schaller does not make a reverse polarity middle pick up!!??  Also working on some Standard model single coil travel guitars.  B2 becomes SN 1603SC-01B, was Blackie 2.  W3 becomes 1603SC-02W.  Used odd SN’s for Blackies and even SN’s for Whitey’s.