Testing out low cost travel guitar prototype

(wk14).  Need to make a template for Sunpost Neck pocket (to fit Sunpost necks).  Cut a Sunpost body in half to make a top and bottom template.  Low Cost bridge is ¼” closer to neck since I used a Custom Rambler template for neck pocket.  Locating VOL and TONE controls.  Where to locate a single pick up to make the best travel guitar sound.  Working on Wayne’s guitar to make the best left handed portable guitar.  Tried to move tuner flats so they would turn correctly, not enough space.  Hogged out neck pocket to .695” flat


Working on STROBELCASTER™ electric travel guitars 

(wk 15).  Thin sound on Pos 2 of Blackie 1.  New pickguard has 500K Tone Pot.  New guard OK.   Pos 2 and 4 are weak.  Middle pick up was wired with wrong polarity, switched wires and worked ok.  Same problem on a Tortoise shell guard.  Sand, buff and assemble B3.  Routed edge template for RS175 Hollowbody Jazz Travel Guitar prototype. Setting up a new STROBELCASTER travel guitar for Tommy Castro.  He wants Black with Rosewood board.


Building the best Custom Travel Guitars and Basses 

(wk 16). Locating controls on left handed custom travel guitar,  really have to think about it…  Particularly with the mini-humbuckers.   Move side jack up ¼, make more room for TONE pot.  Hogging out pick up routes for Lefty and Bjorn Travel Bass.  Routing neck pockets for correct angle to make the best travel guitar.  Experimenting with SNARK tuner to build into side of Bjorn Bass.  Not very reliable operation. 


Continuing to work on Hollowbody, Lefty and Bjorn portable guitars

(wk 17).  RS175 Hollowbody travel guitar requires 24.5625” neck,  need to keep bridge where it goes.  Shaping necks for these guitars.  Cut about ½” from RS175 neck to make it shorter and get right scale length.  BH, WM and RS get the right shape necks for the best travel guitar feel.