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Scott Winslow
Clinical Education Specialist and
Lead Guitarist for Split Image

"I have been extremely happy with my new Rambler electric travel  guitar
The weight is perfectly balanced.  The Schaller pickups are absolutely awesome, 
the perfect sounding blend for my type of music.  They have the growl I need,
along with the clarity and "oomph" without being too "hot". 
The Rambler travel guitar is going to be my main guitar from now on!"

Chuck Heckler
The Rambler Travel Guitar beats my Gibson SG! The fretboard is fast and smooth.  The sound is perfect, not what I would have expected from a "Travel Gutiar". Great work, in the same league as my Ibanez JEM and Carvin Jason Becker!

Robert Holm
My Rambler Portable Guitar has great sustain, tone and feel - a really worthy high quality guitar!

The Rambler Professional Electric Travel Guitar is exactly what I was looking for.  Perfect for people who travel to be able to easily take the guitar apart and pack it in my carry on luggage.  Very well done!

Paul Pedalino
The Rambler Travel Guitar exceeded my expectations.  Very high quality, the fit and finish is excellent, including the fret work.  Best of all, this guitar is alive and resonates beautifully. Even sounds good unplugged!  Thank you for such a great instrument!

Joe Paris
The Rambler  Travel Electric Guitar is better than my high-end full size guitars!  Sounds amazing, the sustain is out of this world, can't be matched on any full size guitar I've ever played.  The Rambler has replace all my guitars as my go to guitar!

Anthony Perra
"I am back in Afghanistan with my Rambler Travel Guitar, it is an awesome instrument.  I love everything about it - the design, sound , feel, look, etc.  The best feature is that the size and portability doesn't compromise the quality of the guitar.  It is a small guitar with a big versatile sound!"

Paul McNab
I love my new Rambler Travel Guitar, it sounds like a dream! I simply can not believe how good the Rambler Travel Guitar feels and sounds - truly amazing!"

Tom Hsu
"My new Rambler Travel Guitar is outstanding!  Much better than most guitars  I have played and the equal of my old vintage Gibson Les Paul!"

Steve Smith
"I am really impressed with my new Rambler travel guitar.  It has great sustain and with the dual humbuckers I can play any style I want from rock to heavy metal.  It is really easy to break down for going out on the road, and easy to put back together."

Bill Leigh, new Rambler Custom owner
"The Custom Rambler travel guitar looks amazing and plays great!!  I am really happy with the look, feel, intonation and tone.  The pickups are fantastic, especially with the split coil option.  Thank you for a brilliant guitar design and excellent workmanship."

Jaime Schultz
"My new Strobel Rambler travel guitar arrived today, I'm really pleased.  The setup is perfect, the action is great and even the frets are just how I like them.  The guitar plays great, I'm really happy with the sound - very full and resonant - more so than I ever expected.  The way it breaks down is genius. Great guitar!!"

Ross Bryan
"The Rambler portable guitar is very finely made and sounds great.  It is the best solution available for the travelling or touring musician.  The Strobel professional travel electric guitar is a beautiful and fully functional high quality instrument."

Graham Caliban
"I am so impressed with the Rambler travel guitar that I sold my Gibson SG and have only been using my Rambler ever since.   Very well made guitar and the pick ups are a big shock, offering top notch sound.  I get better playability on my Strobel Rambler than I do on most of the other guitars I have owned."

Ole Niss, Motorola Vice President
"I received your beautiful Rambler Classic travel guitar, and what a fine guitar it is!  I immediately liked it and enjoyed its finish, colour, shape and the quality of the hardware.  Fantastic job!  I have played it for hours now and really like the feel of it.  The guitar stays perfectly in tune."

Don McCormack, Traveling Guitar Player
"It's been a few months since I received my Rambler Classic Professional Electric Travel Guitar and I've had the opportunity to take it on the road with me on several trips.  I've been extremely pleased in terms of portability and playability.  By far, the Rambler has been the best travel guitar I've owned.  Breakdown is simple and quick, the nut and locking tuning machines are wonderful features. "

Paul Carrol, Webmaster for Jedistar
"The Strobel Rambler Classic portable guitar is a similar style to the Hohner with the following differences: It is a bit lighter. It has the shorter Gibson scale length  which is more to my taste.  Tuning is a lot easier than the fiddly system on the Hohner - it uses locking tuners and you have more room between the knobs.  The Rambler has one other more obvious advantage than the Hohner or most other compact travel guitars - you can easily remove the neck with thumb screws and pack it into a computer notebook carry bag - how's that for cool!"

Ross Sponholtz,  On the road with his Rambler
"I really like the Rambler Travel guitar - it's high quality and very convenient.  I actually play it more at home than my Les Paul!"

PJ Lewis, Computer Programmer
"Russ, my Custom Rambler travel guitar looks fantastic!   The back of the guitar looks GREAT!   As does the rest. Please let me add $100 to the price for the ‘Russ Strobel special touch’… I know for sure you spent time and effort, and I would like to say thanks … I thought you were so awesome in communicating with me on your progress of the guitar, to the point of emailing me ‘pics of the process of making a Strobel’ now that’s what I call service!! " 

Tim O’Donnell
Lead Guitarist from the Noveaux Honkies, International Blues Competition Finalists
“As far as the Rambler Electric Travel Guitar goes I'll say this.  If you shut your eyes and just play the thing you have no idea it’s a travel guitar.  Other travel guitars I have played are good as a practice item in a pinch.   The Rambler really performs.  Plays like a real guitar and more importantly sounds super good.  Its cool walking on a plane and taking the thing with you with no fuss and then showing up somewhere and sounding that  good!”

Alan Barley, Architect and Guitar Collector
“Hi Russ, it's a winner!  Very usable sounds in a band context.  I would gig with it anytime.  The size makes it nice to carry around.  The pickups, wood selection, and big neck, plus locking down the bridge seem to make a very big sound for the size. The fret work is great.  It feels very comfortable to play.  The tapping of the pickups give usable tones too. Great job, great craftsmanship and the quality suggest a MUCH more expensive guitar. I would have to say yours is a bit under priced.”

Leroy Schutz, Global Geologist
“My Strobel Rambler travel guitar is doing GREAT, never had a single problem with it and I'm really enjoying the coil tap feature.  I run the guitar through a Tascam CD-GT 2 processor and headphones.  Occasionally, I'm able to play on jets while on my trips.  Everyone that sees the Strobel guitar is blown away by it.”

Scott Davidson, Director of National Parks, Canada
"In comparing my Rambler portable guitar side-by-side with my PRS, the tonal frequency is bright and clear, it overdrives unusually smoothly, giving a bluesy sort of tone. I can also get a "100 pound violin" sound with high amp gain, neck or both pickups and tone almost fully down. Dropping the gain back a bit, giving extra mids on the amp gives me a decent Santana tone. Split the pickup and drop the volume a touch cleans up a rhythm tone, then pop in the coil tap and up the volume for a mild overdrive solo."
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